User Agreement/EULA for Network Privacy Shield

End-User License Agreement (EULA) is a legal contract between Drivers and Shield LLC and its users. This agreement contains all the terms and conditions under which a user associates, on purchasing, or using the cyber-security protection service. Before accessing our service, we highly recommended the users to go through the agreement and all the mentioned terms carefully.

Your consent to be bound by the agreement is much needed for downloading, installing, as well as using the software. Your acceptance for the agreement reflects that you are entering into the contact as an individual or on the behalf of a corporate body. You are suggested not to download and install the software if you disagree with any of the stated terms and conditions.
Carefully review the whole End User License Agreement before you move ahead with the usage of Network Privacy Shield software.

Generic Software Behaviour

Network Privacy Shield is one of our top-rated products. It offers best-in-class protection from various cyber-attacks by eradicating all your online traces or through regressive network as well as system scanning. Before you use this product, you must be aware of its behavior. These features are enabled by default in this product of Drivers and Shield. In case, a user disapproves of any of the features and is not willing to grant the permission, he/she can uninstall the software.

Tasks Line Up

Installing the Network Privacy Shield software will run some scheduled tasks on its own. These tasks do not always seek the user permission and start off on their own. However, some of the tasks can be disabled by the users, as per their preference. A user can make changes in the scheduled tasks through software settings.

Ad Blocking

For a delightful and safer experience of the digital world, Network Privacy Shield is enabled with an Ad Blocking feature. This feature will not block all the ads but block the one that it finds inconvenient, inappropriate, and an obstacle for the users.

Block Malicious Websites

Network Privacy Shield for the safety of its users, blocks the websites that it finds harmful for your device. All the malicious websites that might hack your system and steal your data are blocked by our product. Some of our products are designed with the feature to disable the “Safe Browsing” feature. In case, a user disables this feature, then they can’t help us liable for any loss that incur.

User Account Control

UAC is a security protection feature in Windows devices. This feature protects the device from unauthorized or undesirable changes to the system. Hence, Windows devices seek the manual consent of the users. Using the Network Privacy Shield requires you to approve the consent and permit the software to make the critical changes in your computer system.

General Terms and Conditions

End-User License

Drivers and Shield LLC grants a voluntary, non-transferable, non-exclusive license for downloading and installing the software. Make sure that this program is solely available for individual or non-commercial usage. The use of the software, other than this, is against our policy. Users are bound to use the software pursuant to the agreement and its mentioned terms, keeping in mind all the restrictions.

Restrictions for Usage of Software

Under this agreement, you are restricted to sell, lend, lease, distribute, transmit, grant, export, mail, source or else which might exploit the application and make it available to an unknown source or a third party. With this, you have no right to copy, modify, decrypt, or reverse any part of the application.

Intellectual Property Rights

Drivers and Shield have secured all its products and services with copyrights, trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property rights. We are the sole and exclusive owner of Network Privacy Shield. These rights are non-transferable and no user or any third-party can’t represent the owner of these rights. Using our service as a representative or using our brand name for making a further profit, is against our policies, unless and until we have permitted to do so.

Updation to our Application and Service

Drivers and Shield reserves all the rights to update or discontinue (both permanently or temporarily) our service or the application at any point in time. We are also not bound with the law to send a prior notice for any modification we do. We may or may not notify our users.

Full-Fledged Agreement

This is a complete agreement between us (Drivers and Shield LLC) and a user for using Network Privacy Shield. However, there are Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions too with which you are going to bind. Hence, we recommend reviewing all the documents beforehand.

Governed by the Law

Every term and condition mentioned for the use of our application is governed by the law. The use of our service is subject to all the laws: local, state, international, and national. Breach of any of the law is a criminal offense and a strict action will be taken against the user.