Terms and Conditions

Below stated are the terms and conditions of the agreement between you and Drivers and Shield LLC. Whenever you get your hands on our service and product or use our website, we assume that you have read these terms, understood them properly, and are agreeing to bound with us through the agreement. We urge you to read these terms and conditions before you start using our website or products. Your acceptance and compliance with these terms and conditions are crucial for using our service. In case you disagree with any of these terms, we suggest not to use our website.


For purchasing any of our products or services that are made available to you, we may ask you to provide some of your information. You have to provide the information that we demand for without any limitations. Information that we generally request you to provide is your name, age, phone number, payment details, address, etc. On providing us the information we ask for, you grant us the right to use the information subject to our privacy policy.

Every information you represent must be true, appropriate, and complete as per your knowledge. Also, you must have the legal right on the payment method you use for making the purchase.

Intellectual Property Right

Our services, products, website pages, and content are the sole property of Drivers and Shield LLC. We have the right to protection under intellectual property law including copyright and trademark laws. Drivers and Shield grants the non-exclusive rights to access and use our pages only for some reasons and in compliance with the law. Except for limited permissions, we don’t grant any right or license. Unauthorized use of our content is prohibited. Failure of complying with terms and conditions will lead to termination of your rights that are granted to you. No prior notice will be provided in such a scenario. For any usage of our service or content, you have to express it to us and get yourself a written permission.

Limitation of Liability

As per the applicable law, in no event shall Drivers and Shield LLC and its directors, suppliers, partners, employees, or affiliates be held liable. We don’t have any liability on any direct, indirect, special, or punitive damage or loss occurred due to (i) the access or use of our website or service; (ii) because of inability to use or access to service; (iii) through any site linked to our website; (iv) because of third-party conducts; (v) due to download and installation of service. Even if Drivers and Shield are expressed about the occurrence of the loss or are informed about the possibility of the loss that might occur in future, you can’t hold us accountable or responsible for that loss.

Disclaimer of Errors or inaccuracies

We update our products, services, information, and price periodically to keep up with the changing time. However, we don’t guarantee the 100% accuracy of any information. Along with this, you might experience delays in the information or price updation, errors in our advertisements, inaccuracy in our content, or more. Drivers and Shield are not responsible for any error or accuracy you might come across to. Although, we take all the measures to fix that error and correct the inaccuracy by updating the information. All the updates we make in our service, policy, and terms are without any prior notice. 

Third-party websites

We provide links to various third-party websites that are not owned and managed by Drivers and Shield LLC. We take no responsibility for their website, content, privacy policy, and practices. Drivers and Shield make no representations to their website and can’t be held answerable or accountable for any damage or loss caused to you by them. All the links provided by us are merely for your information and convenience. We don’t endorse or recommend you to move there and use their websites. For using our service, you have to acknowledge this and agree with us. For your protection, we strongly suggest you to review the privacy policy and terms and conditions of any third-party website you move to.

Right to Make Changes

We reserve all the rights to alter or change our terms and conditions any time without providing prior notice. We only provide a notice beforehand, when the change is material in nature. In such a scenario, notice will be sent to all our users 30 days before we make the changes. It is for informing you about the modification we are going to make. All the changes we make will get updated immediately on our official website. You have to acknowledge those changes and agree with the revised terms to continue using our service. So, we recommend you to take a glimpse on our terms every now and then.

Reach Out to Us

If you wish to get in touch with us, you can contact us at any time. All the suggestions, questions, and concerts are welcomed. You can reach out to us via:
Email: support@driversandshield.com
Website: https://www.driversandshield.com/