Refunds and Returns

Drivers and Shield understands that despite getting the most dependable cyber security products, you may want to discontinue your services. As such, it allows you to cancel your Subscription at any point of time during your Service Term. However, you must carefully review the given terms of our Cancellation and Refund Policy.

Cancelling your Subscription

1. You can cancel your Subscription at any point of time by simply contacting us.
2. By cancelling the subscription, you agree to completely uninstall or remove all traces of the purchased software from your System.

Terms Of Refunds

1. You are allowed to cancel your subscription. However, we do not provide any refunds at all after purchasing the Subscription License.
2. We provide a free trial period of 7 days to try our products.
3. But, once you purchase the Activation Code for our available Products, you are not eligible to receive any refunds.

Contact Us

If you still face any query or issue regarding Refunds and Returns, you can get in direct touch with our support experts through the Live Chat facility. Simply you have to text your query online on our Drivers and Shield website. Our experts will instantly provide you with complete information regarding your query. Alternatively, you can also send a mail at our email address which is to know more about our Refunds and Returns policy. Beyond this, you can also fill up our online form at Drivers and Shield to get all your queries solved easily. You can also simply place a call at a Toll-Free number +1 (888) 723-0414 and get an instant solution for all your queries.