Don’t let someone else know about your business. Get secured with D&S web blocker!


Your webcam security with a piece of tape is as thin as the tape itself!

You are making a huge mistake if you think that sticking a tape over your webcam is enough to restrict the hackers from sneaking into your web security. Your webcams can be used by cybercriminals to spy on you. Any webcam, whether it is built-in your laptop or your phone cameras, can be hacked and misused for spying on others. Thus, if you think you are safe from hacking because you use a private network, you are wrong. Without extra security and a powerful Webcam Blocker, you are vulnerable to webcam hacking. 

The D & S Webcam Blocker is a cyber-privacy specially designed to protect your devices’ webcam and microphone against hacking and any internal or external breach. It comes with highly advanced security software that utilizes advanced privacy enhancement algorithms that provides you with single-click protection. 

The Webcam Blockers also allows you to Digitally Block any attempt of hacking your camera by hackers or any malicious third parties. 

D & S Webcam Blocker Highlights

Webcam Blocker

You can deny any internal or external attempt to deny webcam access.

Microphone Blocker

This feature blocks access to the audio port of the computer, providing you with complete confidence and privacy.


Webcam Blocker is a lightweight and user-friendly software that gives you easy and single-click control over Webcam and microphone.

Privacy and Security

The software adds an extra layer of protection to your computer and works proactively.

A sophisticated solution to protect your webcam and microphone from all external breaches and attacks on your privacy!

D & S Webcam Blocker Features

Online Security

The Webcam and Microphone Blocker provides you with 100% protection for your private life.

Privacy Protection

It restricts the hackers from accessing and using the information they may steal through your webcam and microphone.

On-Demand Webcam Blocker

The webcam blocking feature blocks any usage of your webcam. It will show a black screen with the installed software that uses it and the criminals looking to hack it.

On-Demand Microphone Blocker

This feature completely denies access to the audio port of the computer. It actively prevents anyone from accessing the microphone until you decide.


It comes with a simple and easily accessible user interface that is specially designed to allow you to block the webcam or microphone with a click quickly.

High Performance

The Webcam Blocker’s performance does not clash with any other software which is installed on your device. Its light weight does not affect the regular performance of your PC.

Make a smart move towards a healthy digital life. Effectively protect your webcam from stalkers, hackers, or any unapproved applications!