Ransomware Defender

Unmatched Ransomware protection with endpoint detection & anti-exploit technology!


The Ransomware Defender by D & S proactively deals with all the existing or emerging threats that can breach your device security and get control of your data. The software has been specially designed for restricting, detecting, and blocking the Ransomware before it can damage or harm your device. The Ransomware Defender actively blacklists and stops all the common as well as unique ransomware. Once installed, it works in real-time and guards your PC 24/7 through its active protection algorithms. Its user-friendly alerts and notification system notifies you whenever any malicious site is detected. 

The D & S Ransomware Defender features a secured file eraser, scheduled automatic scan, along lifetime updates and support. Ransomware Defender is automated software that detects and eradicated all threats with its advanced scan, detect and lock-down mechanism. It proactively stands guard to the detected threats. 

Another best part is, it is capable of working alongside the main antivirus or anti-malware products!

Get next-generation protection from online threats! Block all malicious websites and online scripts before they steal your peace!

Ransomware Defender Highlights

Ransomware Detection

The software actively works to detect and remove the ransomware before it can take control over your digital life.

Deep Scan

The program profoundly scans your devices for any hidden ransomware in both high and low-level folders.

24/7 Protection

The real-time detection mechanism of the software works 24/7 and stands guard at all times. It also comes with adjustable schedule scans.

Active Protection

Proactively manages scan, detection, and block processes without affecting your device’s speed.

With Ransomware Defender, You get a highly advanced and innovative anti-ransomware solution!

Ransomware Defender Features

Ransomware Protection

Consistently works in real-time to keeps your system fully protected from all possible ransomware threats.

Smart Ransomware Detection

The advanced detection software locates and reports any potential threat in real-time.

Active Protection and Notification System

True to its name, Ransomware Defender stands guard to your online safety round the clock. It stops, reports, and removes ransomware actively.

Internet Security

Ransomware Defender prevents your devices from being hacked by malicious sites and from all online attacks.

Scheduled Scan Action

It enables you to schedule automated scans as per your requirements. Thus, you manually scan your computer frequently.

Automatic Updates

Ransomware Defender comes with an automatic update feature that keeps your digital safety up-to-date with the accurate detection rate possible.


The software comes with a fully automated system that performs all the needed processes automatically.

Secure File Eraser

The File Eraser feature helps you remove a certain file along with every related file that can threaten your device's security.

Get next level device safety and defense with Ransomware Defender’s robust detection engines & blocking mechanisms!