Because your system deserves to breathe free!


Check and clean your PC files that are crowding your hard drive. 

D & S PC Cleaning Utility is a system cleaner that makes it easy to clean your computer and free up any junk that may slow down its speed. We keep on saving necessary or unnecessary files on our computer that eventually clogs the hard drive. This is where you need an active PC cleaning tool that cleans such files to make sure that your computer performs at an optimal speed.

The PC Cleaning Utility cleans the system’s junk thoroughly that also reduces system crashes and freezes. You can choose the areas on your device that you want to scan and clean. You may select the areas such as libraries, virtual devices, junk files, temporary files, installations strings, system software, history, or others. 

PC Cleaning Utility is an easy-to-install software that ensures smooth and trouble-free usage. 

Use a safe and straightforward way to clean all unnecessary files from your computer and get a faster and smoother computer performance with PC Cleaning Utility! 

PC Cleaning Utility Highlights 

Reduce Clutter 

Your computer may perform sluggishly due to file clutters. PC Cleaning Utility reduces all clutter to free up your drive space. 

Deep Clean 

D & S PC Cleaning Utility not only cleans your PC but also realigns files that may slow down your computer. 

Manage PC Health

The PC Cleaning Utility reduces the chances of computer freeze and crashes caused by problematic files. 


A computer’s registry becomes fragmented when files are deleted constantly. Get PC Cleaning Utility to manage and defragment your device registry. 

Scan and clean your PC to keep your computer healthy and make it perform in the best possible way! 

PC Cleaning Utility Features 

Prevents Crashes and Freezes 

Get your corrupted registry entries, hidden or corrupt system files, and a lot more fixed to avoid random computer crashes and freezes. 

Clean and Repair PC Registry  

The advanced detection technology of D & S PC Cleaning Utility actively detects, removes, or repairs the registry files. It also fixes the wrong system configurations. 


When multiple files are downloaded and deleted, the computer’s registry becomes fragmented. Defragmenters help your computer work appropriately at a fast pace. 

Start-up Manager

PC Cleaning Utility features a start-up manager that enables you to easily select the files you want to open during your computer’s start-up process. 

Select Which Areas to Scan

You can choose the areas that you want to scan and clean on your PC. You may select from the libraries, virtual devices, temporary files, history, system software, etc. 

Easy to Install 

The D & S PC Cleaning Utility is a lightweight and easy-to-install application. The advanced and user-friendly settings of the software ensure a smooth and trouble-free installation procedure.

Scheduled Automatic Scans 

Choose days on which you want the Utility to run scans on your PC and clean it. You can schedule the scans according to your convenience. 

Use PC Cleaning Utility to make your computer run smoothly at an optimum speed and optimized state. Get access to its advanced features to free up space and prolonging your system’s health. 

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