Note- Hidden Photos

Android Application locker and free gallery & photo hider.


Note- Hidden Photos is a free image and gallery hider as well as Android Application Locker. It allows you to hide videos and images from forbidden users/people and is easy to use. Hidden Photos also consists of an app locker that permits you to lock specific apps so that only you can access them with a password.

Note- Hidden Photos Highlights

Note Application

It is an entirely featured text editor that restricts unauthorized access to the hidden galleries, images, and locked apps.

Application Locker

It locks selected applications installed on your device and hides them from the Android app menu.

Image & Gallery Hider

Hides selected images or galleries. The hidden galleries and photos will not be visible in the standard gallery.

Secret Button Switch

The secret button in the Note app switches between gallery hider and Note application.

Note- Hidden Photos uses a clever user interface to maintain your privacy.

Note- Hidden Photos Features

Note Application Camouflage

Note application works like any other note app, except that it hides preferred images and videos.

Hides Private Photos

It hides complete galleries or selected images that you do not want others to see.

Hides Private Videos

It hides individual videos or full video galleries selected by you.

Locks Selected Installed Apps

Note- Hidden Photos permits you to lock selected apps and block access from the phone menu.


It takes significantly less space and is smooth on the device’s battery usage.

User-Friendly Design

It does not require technical knowledge to use this app. This app’s features can be accessed easily by everyone.

5-Seconds Secret Button Switch

The Note- Hidden Photo app’s icon unlocks the vault if pressed for five seconds.

Several Verification Methods

It includes verification methods depending on the device’s brand and version. You can select between Pattern and PIN code verification.

Hide your images and videos behind the Note- Hidden Photos app and keep your videos, photos, and galleries to yourself!