Mobile Cyber Privacy Suite

Keep your personal details safe from being misused!


Mobile Cyber Privacy Suite guards personal details by removing harmful applications from your Android system/device via microphone and camera abuse control and app’s permission monitoring. Its Privacy Advisor monitors your android device’s privacy 24/7 and divides the harmful apps into three groups depending on their privacy-risk-potential level. You can remove any threat and enhance your device’s privacy settings with just a single tap. 

Another feature, i.e., the camera and microphone blocker, permits you to turn each device “ON” and “OFF” separately. Mobile Cyber Privacy Suite provides you a solid counter-hacking tool as cybercriminals try to get your personal, identity-related details.

Mobile Cyber Privacy Suite Highlights

Privacy Advisor

It records the application’s permissions your system has and warns you about privacy dangers.

Camera Control

It blocks internal and external unauthorized attempts to access your device’s camera and ensure complete personal privacy.

Danger Level Report

It separates harmful applications into three groups, offering in-depth detail regarding each application’s privacy dangers.

Microphone Control

It stops unauthorized attempts to access your device’s microphone.

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Mobile Cyber Privacy Suite Features

Automatic Updates

It automatically updates the application without interrupting you.

Permissions Overview

Records all permissions of the app and warns you about harmful threats.

Camera and Microphone Blocker

It monitors the use of the device, both on each app install and the system separately.

Privacy Advisor

Observes permissions of the apps installed on your system, groups them according to risk level, and removes them from the application if required.

Local Document Scanner

The Mobile Cyber Privacy Suite discovers local documents that include identity-related information like banking details, credit card numbers, or social security numbers and asks you to either encrypt into a protected file vault or delete those files.

Scans Leaked Databases in the Dark-Web

The Mobile Cyber Privacy Suite uses a Dark-Web scanning that finds traces of your email account revealed on the dark web.

Safeguard your privacy without damaging your Android device with Mobile Cyber Privacy Suite!