Identity theft preventer

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Shatter the Black Cloud Looming Over Your Digital Identity!

Identity theft can create havoc in your personal life. 

If you also surf the internet regularly to fulfill various tasks, you are in constant danger of completely losing your identity and digital peace. 

You use your personal information to perform an end number of day-to-day tasks online. It explicitly exposes you to several dangerous online threats. 

D & S Identity Theft Preventer is a complex software that has been specially designed to search your devices and find the spots where your privacy is vulnerable. It actively scans your PC for your confidential details like bank account details, webmail credentials, social network profiles, and others to detect all identity safety concerns you must address.   

The Identity Theft Preventer also ensures your complete protection by blocking the hacking attempts against your microphones and webcams. It secures the audio or visual ports of your device, which empowers you to confidently enjoy your private life without putting your identity safety at stake. 

Tested & Recommended by digital security experts, D & S Identity Theft Preventer gives complete safety to your online privacy.  


Protect your identity

Completely hide your personal information, or remove sensitive data and get highly personalized audio and video sharing. 

Webcam and Microphone protection 

Block all hacking attempts against your PC with complete webcam and microphone protection  

Prevent Third-Party Tracking

Restrict unwanted ads and restrain any third-party malicious sites from tracking your browsing activity and targeting you. 

Zero Traces 

D & S Identity Theft Preventer finds and deletes your digital traces wherever your identity is exposed. 

Keep your identity risk-free with a powerful Identity Theft Preventer! 

Identity Theft Preventer Features 

Secure Browsing 

Get 100% prevention against harmful websites and hacking attempts with Identity Theft Preventer and stop compromising your confidentiality. 

Private Information Detection 

D & S identity theft preventer searches and finds your personal information stored locally or exposed via the internet. It keeps your social security, credit card information details, and phone numbers safe. 


Identity theft Preventer blocks browser tracking and helps you surf the internet without being traced on your terms. 

Webcam and Microphone Blocker

Your digital identity can be stolen via your device’s webcam or microphone. They can be used to spy on you. Identity Theft Preventer secures all audio and visual ports on your devices, keeping others from entering your personal life. 

Local Document Defense 

You are wrong if you think that your locally stored documents are safe from cyber threats. Identity Theft Preventer helps find and shows the documents that may contain identifiable information on your devices. You can remove or move them into a secured location. 

Strong Encryption 

The software scans your PC or other devices for any login credentials that can be traced while encrypting the path that can be traced in the future. 

Real-Time Protection

The D & S Identity Theft Preventer works in real-time to prevent you from all existing and emerging identity theft. 

Browser History Management 

Manage your browser history the way you want. The identity Theft Preventer highlights all the concerning activity logs and gives you the liberty to select what you want to keep or delete. 

Scheduled Scans & Protection 

D & S Identity Theft Preventer has a scheduler capability, so you can run automatic scans and make sure that you are protected 24/7. 

Encrypted Documents Vault 

Identity Theft Preventer features a file encryption mechanism that allows you to collect all sensitive details in a single secured location. 

Ad Blocker 

The latest version of Identity Theft Preventer features an active Ad blocker that keeps all static and dynamic ads away from your browser. 

Get robust D & S Identity Theft Preventer today and

Protect your Identity like Never Before!