Take control of your privacy with D&S Applock.


D & S AppLock is an Android Mobile App that works as an app locker and image hider. It is developed especially for Android users to safeguard their personal information and device from being hacked. The users can also hide pictures and videos and protect any app installed on their device. The users can operate this AppLock efficiently to improve their privacy. 

D & S AppLock monitors a list of applications installed on Android devices. Each application can be locked and accessed individually depending on the user’s preferred choice, i.e., pattern or a PIN. Once the app is locked, it can be accessed with the preferred verification method only. The users can hide the image folder as well as individual images via D&S AppLock. A list of hidden items will be shown in the menu when the users access the application.

Image Hider

Hide an entire gallery folder or a selected image from illegitimate users.

App Locker

Safeguard selected apps via security and verification methods such as patterns or a PIN.

Application Hider

Hide AppLock on your device from forbidden users.

Easy to use

The User-friendly interface provides smooth and responsive controls to users.

AppLock is recommended to secure the apps, videos, and images that you want to keep private.

D&S Mobile AppLock Features

Video Hider

Hide preferred videos from being accessed by unauthorized users.

User-Friendly Interface

It does not require technical knowledge to use D&S AppLock.

Fast App Performance

With D&S AppLock, you can access any app installed on your device in seconds.

Choose the way you want to verify the locking and unlocking of your apps Pattern, 0r 4-digit PIN code!