D&S Antivirus

Get the all round security from viruses, Trojans and other cybersecurity issues with D&S antivirus!


D & S Antivirus offers 100% protection against viruses, malware, Trojans, ransomware, and spyware for your desktop and laptop. Its active protection mechanisms safeguard your system from all kinds of digital threats. 

The Antivirus has been specially designed to monitor, block and alert you if any threat is detected

The software is easy to install and comes with a fast monitoring system. It also comes with email protection that blocks any threats located in the incoming emails.  

D & S antivirus provides you with complete protection from all existing or emerging threats with its advanced detection engine and algorithms. It automatically scans your devices regularly or on set schedules. Its advanced tools and features, including secure file eraser, start-up manager, and history cleaner, facilitates smooth and secured PC performance. 

Be sole owner of your device and data. Use advanced D & S antivirus to get 100% protection from online threats!

D & S Antivirus Highlights

Active Protection

You can deny any internal or external attempt to deny webcam access.

Deep Threat Scanner

The powerful D & S Antivirus software deeply scans your system, including hidden folders and hard drive segments, to deliver optimum safety to your PC.

Peak Performance

Advanced threat detection engine and algorithms of the Antivirus facilitate the best possible protection to your device without affecting its loading speed.

24/7 protection

D & S Antivirus settings stand guard round the clock to keep you protected!

Experience next-gen multiple detection methods with advanced algorithms to protect your computer against dangerous malware and viruses

Get Real-time proactive monitoring for advanced digital protection!

D & S Antivirus Features 

Complete PC Protection 

D & S Antivirus detects and removes all types of dangers to your internet security, including viruses, rootkits, Trojans, bots, and others. It is all-in-one PC protection antivirus software that helps you keep your devices safe and your privacy protected. 

Real-Time Active Monitoring and Protection

Utilizing its multiple detection methods and advanced D & S Antivirus monitors and protects you against online or local security issues. 

Ransomware Protection

The software also detects or removes all known ransomware before it can take control over your PC and your confidential information. 

Scheduled Scans 

The software comes with a scheduler that enables you to run automatic scans on your system. Its advanced protection and scan scheduling features offer you an optimum security state in real-time. 

Scheduled Scan Action

It enables you to schedule automated scans as per your requirements. Thus, you manually scan your computer frequently.

Automatically Updates

The virus, malware, or spyware database gets automatically updated whenever required. Thus, it provides protection against all existing and new threats. 

Secure File Eraser  

D & S Antivirus features and adds a “Secure File Eraser” tool to your Window’s Explorer menu. It permanently deletes all traces of a file and ensures that it is truly deleted off your device and no residue is left behind. 

Get advanced protection against the latest and emerging threats with D & S Antivirus software. 

Safeguard your PC from Trojans, viruses, and malware! 

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