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Are you providing free access for hackers to your digital privacy?

You certainly don’t want to share your personal or private life details with strangers. But do you know? You might be sharing your information with the world not only via social media but just by browsing itself. From your browsing history to your data, everything remains potentially at risk of getting hacked or stolen online. Cyber attackers can sell or monetize your online behavior and steal your identity. This is where you require robust security software like our Cyber Privacy Suite for the ultimate protection and control of your online privacy. 

Let us secure you and your loved ones!

We are living in a continuously growing digital world. It has reduced geographical boundaries and connected people across the globe. Today, hundreds of millions of individuals or organizations work on the internet that makes them put a huge amount of highly confidential data online. There is no denying that it has simplified our work, but simultaneously, it has also given an end number of opportunities to cyber attackers. This makes it mandatory to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this constant danger over our digital lives. 

Our feature-loaded software gives 100% protection to you and your family while using the internet. It detects and blocks destructive privacy threats and identifies when your personal information is vulnerable and exposed to attacks. 

Get a proactive online privacy shield and protection against prying eyes

Our software safeguards your microphones, webcams, and confidential documents from all existing and emerging cyber threats. Get your digital freedom back with our Cyber Security Suite!

Protect your confidential information in real time with the Cyber Privacy Suite and experience a complete digital privacy!

Cyber Attacks and Risks Trends

14,400,000 Fraud Victims

Over 14 million people fell victim to online fraud annually and paid $1.7 billion in out-of-pocket fraud costs

60,000,000 Americans Affected

Online theft impacted over 60 million Americans overall

$4 Billion in Reported Damages

Nearly 1.5 million account takeover incidents resulted in over $4 billion in damages

Reclaim your cyber privacy and shield your family from identity theft

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Know how Cyber Privacy Suite Guards your Privacy

Restricts others from fingerprinting your identity

Keep your personal information and online behavior safe from the data miners and hackers by curbing the fingerprinting attempts.

Protects your Webcams and Microphones against hacking attempts

Cyber Privacy Suite prevents your webcams and microphones by blocking malicious hacking attempts.

Encryption for Login credentials

Cyber Privacy Suite encrypts your information like login credentials to keep it safe from cybercriminals in a protected digital vault.

VPN gateways for secured connections

The fully secured VPN connection enables you to shop, stream, and socialize freely on your terms.

Detects what personal information is exposed

The proactive software identifies when and what personal information is exposed so that you can take immediate actions.

Blocks Dangerous Websites

Get protection against dangerous websites that can infect your computer with malware, Ransomware, viruses, spyware, and other threats.

Restricts unwanted tracking cookies

Cyber Privacy Suite automatically blocks all suspicious and potentially malicious cookies.

Removes Annoying Ads

The Ad blocking feature blocks static and dynamic ads. You get a smoother and interruption-free browsing experience.

Secures Medical and Financial Documents

The advanced file encryption ability helps you gather and protect your vital financial and medical documents in a fully protected location.

Detects and protects sensitive documents on your device

Cyber Privacy Suite identifies and guards the documents on your devices that contain sensitive information.

Scans the Dark Web for your information

The software works with a highly developed scanning algorithm. It searches for your information on the dark web and notifies you.

Safeguards your digital privacy in real-time

Cyber Privacy Suite works 24/7 proactively to safeguard your online privacy. You get complete protection against online phishing and other risks to your privacy.

Protect your devices and confidential information today with Cyber Privacy Suite

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Cyber Privacy Threats Statistics

$3 can buy a complete stolen identity on the dark web

1 IN 5 victims of online scams lost money, totaling $328 million

$1 is the cost of a hacked webcam login on the dark web