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The best Privacy and Security Software for your Devices

Cyber Privacy Suite

Take control of your privacy with D&S Privacy Shield/Suite

Webcam Blocker

Don’t let someone else know about your business. Get secured with D&S web blocker!

Ransomware Defender

Unmatched Ransomware protection with endpoint detection & anti-exploit technology!

D&S Antivirus

Get the all round security from viruses, Trojans and other cybersecurity issues with D&S antivirus!


Hide your digital footprints and seamlessly surf the internet!

Identity theft preventer

Your identity belongs to you. Be UNIQUELY YOU!

PC Cleaning Utility

Because your system deserves to breathe free!

D&S Anti Malware

All round protection from ever evolving malware, Trojans, & viruses.

D&S AppLock

Hide your pictures and Lock your App!

Mobile Privacy Shield

Monitor application permissions with Privacy Advisor & enjoy enhanced security with microphone and camera blockers.

Mobile Identity Theft Shield

Safeguard your personal information and identity from being misused.

Camera & Mic Blocker

Block internal and external attempts of opening the device's microphone or camera with free mobile application.

Note- Hidden Photos

Android Application locker and free gallery & photo hider.

Mobile Cyber Privacy Suite

Keep your personal details safe from being misused!