Network Privacy Shield is a feature-packed product that eradicates all the evidence of online activities and provides a protective shield from the risks that are raised by the internet. Along with this, the Network Privacy shield has a lot more to offer to its users. Using this software, you can wipe out all your saved credentials, block all the interrupting ads, safeguard your online usage, and much more. If you too want to protect your privacy with the sophisticated technology and high-end features, you have to make a Network Privacy Shield purchase and further, install the software on your machine. Post install, you can get your hands on the whole range of Network Privacy Shield features and appreciate the security that you have never thought of.

Network Privacy Shield interface is built with the customer’s needs in mind. You can easily navigate through the application and enjoy the seamless working of the software. You just need to install it on your system, run it, and execute several post install functions. Perform the functions and relish your experience. That’s about it.

Functions You can Access After Installation

post install

Nowadays, technology has taken a special place in our day-to-day life. With the growing use of technology, cyber crimes are also increasing at a massive rate. Every day, hundreds of new online cyberattack cases get added to the list. This has increased the demand for cybersecurity solutions. Numerous providers out there are offering ultimate cybersecurity solutions to the users. Among these providers, Drivers and Shield is the one notorious brand that offers a few top-rated products. This online security software provider is the best for keeping your online life private.

To know more about the Drivers and Shields products, you have to look at the below-stated information. We have clearly defined the functions that you can accomplish after installing the software.

Perform System Scanning

Scanning is the primary function of the Network Privacy shield. Scanning is basically a critical inspection of the device and its performance. It is to look for the online threats lurking for your personal information and other data and further use it in a wanted manner. Since the internet is subject to highest data loss, it becomes crucial to scan your network and ensure that you are performing a healthier web surfing. With this in mind, Network Privacy Shield provides the option to perform the network as well as system scanning.

The main interface of the software has a tab named “Scan”. Clicking the tab will commence the process. It takes you throughout the process and displays the browsers, information, websites, and documents it is scanning.

Examine the Scan Summary

Just as the scanning process is important, the examination of the scan summary is also equally important. Reviewing the scanning result helps you to get a better understanding of the device, your network, and your online activities. Network Privacy Shield displays the scan results immediately after completing the process. However, you can review it any time by clicking the “Scan Result” option. All the logs, folders, browsers, documents, and your activities just prompt on your screen. You can review them carefully, examining each minute details, and fix the faults so as to make your online experience stress free and beneficial.

Network Privacy Shield scan results are separately categorized by the areas it scans. You can choose the specific area that you want to examine and get all the details right on your computer screen. In the case of online scan results, it shows the website it has scanned; usernames and password saved in the particular website; and the areas which need more attention and focus. Similarly, in the documents search result, you can know the details of the folder that went into the scanning process, file types, and more. Along with this, it has many other options too for a better understanding of the scan result.

Run Cleaning Process

Cleaning is yet another important function that can make your digital world safer and secure. This function of Network Privacy Shield helps you to cleans all your digital footprints that can be accessed by hackers for the purpose of data looting. After Post install of this software on your computing device, you can run the cleaning process that ensures the proper protection of your online activities and internet privacy. It secures your data from getting revealed to a third party or other individuals.

To know this better, you must be aware of the term “Cookies”. Cookies are fundamentally the chunks of data that are saved online when you surf the internet. It leaves the digital footprints and helps the advertisers, hackers, or other individuals to have a look into your online activities and to know your online pattern. Many a time, these cookies might also be used for stealing your information. Considering this, Network Privacy Shield provides the option for performing the online cleaning process that will remove all the traces and makes your surfing risk-free.