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Network Privacy Shield
Network Privacy Shield


Network Privacy Shield erases all the traces of your online activity and lets you scan your system against the online web threats. It is a one-stop destination that provides users with advanced and innovative security protection. Moreover, it checks for security threats, exposed information, and confidential data that can be misused or manipulated by the online fraudsters. Just by utilizing this software, you can easily wipe out all the browsing history including cookies, file usage, etc.

Along with this, it also allows you to remove the login credentials and notifies you whenever the browsers try to log in with those details. It also has an adblocker feature that removes distracting, and sometimes offensive, banner advertisements while surfing online. With Network Privacy Shield you can easily browse, chat, shop online freely from anywhere, and anytime with avant-garde security.

Network Privacy Shield Highlights

To learn more about the Network Privacy Shield have a glimpse of the highlight of this security software.
Safeguard Your Personal Details

Network Privacy Shield protects your confidential information before going into the wrong hands. So that you can easily browse online and perform online transactions without fearing about your personal details to be stolen or manipulated.

Eradicate All Traces Of Online Activity

Another most important feature of this product is that it eliminates all the traces of your online activity. It can be made possible only with the Network Privacy Shield software as it provides you with the browsing history cleaner. Just with the help of this history cleaner, you can erase all your previous activity performed online. After this, no-one can tell you what you have browsed and about your last activity performed online.

Defend Against Online Web Threats

This software quickly scans your computing device without slowing down the performance of your device and shields you from potential web threats. Along with this, it provides identity theft protection to protect your personal as well as card details that you have added while doing online transactions.

Get Rid Of Prying Eyes

Whenever you surf online, you will get different advertisements and the websites that you browse are saved in the form of cookies. Cookies are usually meant for the users so that they can easily identify where they were previously browsing. Thereby, this product removes all the cookies that advertisers store on your system. Hence, it protects you from prying eyes that can steal the information relating to your browsing habits.

Protect your personal information with the utmost advanced solutions!

Keep your private information - PRIVATE!

Network Privacy Shield Features

Just by purchasing the Network Privacy Shield, can get the most out of this product and can access its robust security and top-notch features.
Safeguard Your Profile

You can get the feature of identity theft protection to safeguard your profile details from online scams and frauds. Beyond this, you can safeguard the details such as your email address, mobile number. Also, you can secure your credit card details that include the date of expiration, CVV, so on from being stolen or going into the wrong hands.

Encrypt Username And Password

This software deeply scans the login details that are being entered while logged into your account. After this, using this software you can remove the login credentials in case you are using the shared computers so that some other person cannot manipulate it. Alternatively, you can also encrypt the login credentials just with the help of a management vault.

Deeply Scans Your System Against Potential Web Threats

It provides you with the enhanced security solutions to defend your system against the web threats that might enter your system and infect it through viruses. Network Privacy Shield, continuously scans your computing device and notifies whenever your device has some of the privacy issues. So, you can rectify it there only and safeguard the sensitive information being traced.

Eliminate Cookies

This security software looks for the cookies that are automatically being stored to your device while browsing online and removes it. Removing the cookies will help you to safeguard your daily browsing habits or your online activity from being hacked by hackers or other people.

Removes the Browsing History

Network Privacy Shield Software delete all the unneeded files and browsing history from your computing device. Just by doing so, it creates more storage space for your device and the users can easily run the software without any hindrance. Once you delete the browsing history, there will be no traces of the websites that you have browsed earlier and this protects you from the prying eyes. Thereby, you can secure your browsing habits if you are using shared computers.

Anti Tracking

By using the Network Privacy Shield on your computing device you can easily eradicate all the browsing records permanently. You can also protect your sensitive information from being stolen.

Ads Blocker

Now, you can browse online freely without being distracted by irrelevant or inappropriate advertisements. This is so because it blocks the static as well as dynamic banners. Just by doing so, you can browse smoothly and conveniently without the intervention of the banners that are flashing on your website while surfing online.

Local Documents Encryption

Network Privacy Shield navigates for the local documents that might include your profile information. The profile details may include details such as credit card details, bank, so forth. Once it navigates all these documents it might ask you to delete all this information before going into the wrong hands. Otherwise, if you want to keep it securely on your device you can simply encrypt those files into a secured files vault.

User Friendly And Automated

It includes the easy to use interface using which you can easily access this product and get complete security. You just have to follow some easy guidelines to use this application.

Alerts & active guard suite that protects your personal data &

alerts of phishing activity in Real Time!

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