Remove Your Digital Footprints

Network Privacy Shield empowers you to browse the internet freely without putting your digital security at stake. The user-friendly extension hides your browsing activities and strictly blocks any unauthorized access to your digital life.

Block any third-party access to your digital life

Network privacy Shield

If you accomplish your day-to-day personal or highly private businesses on the internet without any security shield, you are giving free access to malicious sites to breach your digital security.

Add D & S Network Privacy Shield extension to your browser to restrict third parties from tracking your personal information and browsing habits. It actively blocks malicious advertisement sites and all kinds of third-party attempts that try to track your personal information you use on the internet. 

The Network Privacy Shield ensures your digital safety by keeping your privacy records, including your login credentials, browsing records, and others, protected!

Hide your browsing activities and surf the internet freely with Network Privacy Shield!

Removes Tracking Records

Deletes all your browsing records to remove your digital footprints permanently.

Removes Private data

Removes your private information or privacy records, including login credentials.

Ad Blocker

Restricts annoying and irrelevant advertisements and blocks suspicious sites.

Customer Support

24/7 customer support is available to help you anytime anywhere via phone or email.

How Network Privacy Shield Safeguards You?

Protects Username & password

D & S Network privacy allows you to delete your login credentials saved at your web browser with a single click.

Removes Browsing Records

Network Privacy Shield hides or removes your browsing habits and history. It also removes your online preferences to ensure complete browsing privacy.

Active Ad Blocker

The D & S Network Privacy Shield extension proactively works to block all unnecessary or annoying banner ads to offer a smooth browsing experience. You can also watch the blocking statistics and select the sites you don’t want to restrict.

Protects Personal Information

The extension enables you to delete your entire personally identifiable information, including your home address, credit card details, bank details, or others.

Prevents Against Tracking Mechanisms

The digital that you enter or reveal while using the browser may get leaked and tracked by the advanced digital information collecting mechanisms. Network Privacy shield empowers you to delete such mechanisms from your computer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Network Privacy Shield automatically removes your digital footprints, including your browsing activities, login credentials, or other confidential information that you have used while surfing the internet. Hence, you get complete protection against malicious malware.

You can delete all of your personally identifiable details, like your addresses, bank details, credit or debit card details, and a lot more. It will remove the information from the browser while making it inaccessible for cybercriminals or hackers.

Yes, you get an active ad blocker with the extension. It works in real-time to block all the annoying and unnecessary ads or banners to ensure a seamless browsing experience.