How does Network Privacy Shield Work?

Network Privacy Shield is a robust cybersecurity solution that is capable of safeguarding your digital life from ever-evolving online threats. It is known for its efficiency and effectiveness in removing all traces of your digital footprint. This includes your Browsing History and Tracking Records. It is an advanced level holistic security solution that integrates innovative technology to extend unrelenting protection cover. This state-of-the-art software keeps a check on your Exposed Information. Confidential Data, Online Presence and Sensitive Files on real-time basis. As such, it detects any security flaws and network vulnerabilities. In this way, it keeps your Data, Networks, Identity and Privacy fully protected.

Things Done By Network Privacy Shield

Network Privacy Shield is a comprehensive cybersecurity suite that safeguards your digital life with utmost efficiency. It is an exceptionally useful software that performs multiple functions.

  • Protects Your Personal Data.
  • Safeguards Your Profile
  • Secures Your Credentials By Encrypting Your Usernames and Passwords
  • Prevent Potential Web Threats By Deeply Scanning Your System
  • Get Rid Of All Traces Of Your Digital Footprint Including Your Browsing History, Cookies, File Usage etc. 
  • Allows You To Encrypt Important Documents On Your System
  • Keeps You Free From Distracting Advertisements, Banners etc. 
  • Eradicates Your Browsing Records
  • Prevents Internet Frauds Like Phishing, Identity Theft etc. 
  • Effective Functioning

    Network Privacy Shield guarantees unbeatable security and complete peace of mind to its worldwide users. The software comes with an intuitively designed, user-centric Interface that makes it very convenient to use this program. In short, it is crafted to assure easy usage with its simplistic and user-friendly design. All it requires you to do is run the application and perform a quick Scanning Task. With this, it detects any potential threats and assists you in fixing them. Along with that, it guides you in clearing your Digital Footprint.

    Network Privacy Shield functions effectively by following a simple set of instructions which involves Scanning, Reviewing Scan Results, and Cleaning Your System.


    In the very first place, Network Privacy Shield requires you to Scan your System and its resources to detect any potential threats. In this process, it checks your System for all the data and records that may lead to any security breach. The process is extremely simple as given below.

    1.  First of all,  make sure that you have successfully deployed this avant-garde software on the System that needs protection. In other words, download it’s Setup File directly from its official website i.e. “”. Then, properly install it. After that, you must activate it by means of the purchased “Product Activation Key”.

    2. Once you have properly installed it, click on the respective software icon to open it.

    3. As a result, it will take you to an extremely user-friendly Interface.

    4. Here, you should look at the very top of this window. You will notice some tabs like “Status”, “Scan Results”, “Login Credentials”, “Personal Information”, “Browsing Tracks”, “Documents” etc. Hence, click on the “Status” tab.

    5. The following window provides a highlighted button that says “Scan”. Hence, click on it to begin the Scanning process.

    6. Along with that, you can choose to Scan specific sections of your Computer. For this, click on the tabs for “Login Credentials”, “Personal Information”, “Browsing Tracks”, and “Documents”. Then, click on the “Scan” button to detect threats respectively.

    7. The process will take some time as the software will meticulously check your System for any potential threats or security flaws. Hence, wait for it.

    Review The Scan Results

    Once the Network Privacy Shield finishes the Scanning work, it provides you a detailed report of all the threats encountered by your System. The Interface gives you quick access to the detected online threats under different categories like “Login Credentials”, “Personal Information”, “Documents” and “Browsing Tracks”. For this, you should look for the respective Status Meter on its “Status” window. However, if you want detailed information about these threats. Then, simply click on the tabs for “Scan Results”, “Login Credentials”, “Personal Information”, “Browsing Tracks”, and “Documents” respectively. As such, attentively review all the sections to get a clear picture of your System’s Security Status.

    Fix The Detected Issues

    In case Network Privacy Shield detects any Cyber Security Threat on your System, it notifies the same. Besides that, it guides you with accurate instructions for eliminating the detected threats. In most cases, it will prompt you to eliminate the potentially harmful files, data, etc. As such, simply follow these instructions to safeguard your digital life.