What is a Cyber Attack and How cyber attacks work?

Cyber Attack
A Cyber Attack is a malicious and deliberate attempt made by cybercriminals to violate the computer information system, computer networks, and computer network devices of the other person. An attacker is a person who tries to access your sensitive information, or other restricted areas of your device without your permission, potentially with malicious intent. Just by doing all these activities, the attackers seem the way to earn profit by disrupting the network or exploiting the information steal from the victims.

These cybercriminals use multiple types of techniques to launch a Cyber Attack. Some of the techniques may include malware, phishing, ransomware, and so on. Nowadays, these Cyber Attacks are increasing day by day and are very dangerous especially to big organizations, public institutions, hospitals, and so forth.

What are the different types of Cyber Attack and How Cyber Attacks work?

Here, we will explore the different types of Cyber Attacks that are being used by the attackers. Along with this, we also help you to know more about how these cyber-attacks work and affect you. It is a must to know about the cyberattacks and how they work as after that you can easily protect yourself from being the victims of the Cyber Attacks.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing is the practice using which the cybercriminals send the emails through the reputed or trusted sources in order to gather the personal information or influence the users to do something. Cyber attackers also tricked the victims to download the malware into their systems by ensuring them that is the important document to download. This phishing attack is also done by forcing the victims to access the link that will straightaway redirect them to the fake website where they will ask you to input your personal details. The personal details may include your complete name, email address, mobile number, etc. Along with this, it prompts you also have to enter the card details including your card number and CVV. Once you entered all the details, they hack your accounts and steal all your confidential information, misuse it, or demands you for the money in return.

Malware Attacks

Malware is basically a software that includes spyware, ransomware, viruses, trojans, and worms. Using this cyber attack the criminals breaches a network through vulnerability. In short, this attack takes place when the user accesses the dangerous link or attachments it automatically installs the malware software into your device that you are using at present. Once the software gets installed into your system, it blocks the access of the users to the major components of the network they are using. Also, it installs the malware or several other harmful software that may infect your system and hampers the working of it. In addition to this, it takes out all your information by transferring the data from the hard drive. Above all of this, malware attack disrupts some components and makes your system inoperable.

Man in the middle attack (MitM) or EavesDropping attacks

This is another most dangerous Cyber Attack that occurs when attackers place themselves in between the communications of the client and the server. Once the attackers interrupt your traffic, they can filter, steal all the confidential details that are important for you, and generate problems for you.
For example, you are on a call with your boss and your boss shared some confidential information with you. In that scenario, the man in the middle i.e the attacker will be listening to your whole conversation and get all the important information. You will not get any idea at that time that your private information is stolen by someone else. Man in the Middle attack comes via an unsecured public wi-fi that you are using. Once the attackers have breached your device, then it can install the software within your device and get access to all your information.

SQL Injection Attack

SQL injection attack is the most commonly used attack due to which many users have to suffer a lot. This attack takes place whenever the attacker executes an SQL query to the device or to a server and then a server is forced to reveal all their crucial information. For instance, the criminal can generate a query that disrupts and gets installed into the database of your web page via the SQL Injection.

Once this SQL Injection gets into your server or device they can access the sensitive data, customize the database as per their preference, execute administration operation, and so on. The sad and dangerous part of this attack is that it not only steals your personal data but also wipes them completely from your device or server.

Password Attack

Password Attack is the Cyber Attack that is made in order to steal the passwords of the users so that they can easily get access to your accounts. As we all know that the passwords are the widely used mechanism to authenticate users to an information system. Due to which it is most important for the Cyber Attackers to steal the passwords.

There are two distinct techniques that are used to steal the password of the users. The first one is Brute-Force Guessing and another one is Dictionary Attack. In the Brute- Force Guessing technique the users randomly guess the passwords and try to get the exact one. In case, if the attacker knows the victim then it applies the logic by inserting the name, date of birth, job, or hobbies as their passwords. Whereas, in the Dictionary Attack the hacker tries to insert some common passwords that the user can fix to crack it. Also, it can use the passwords that are obvious to guess such as 1234, abcde, or using consecutive numbers or symbols.

Drive-by Attack

This is another Cyber Attack that is mostly used to spread the malware into the systems and steal the important information of the users. The drive-by attack occurs when the user visits a website, view a message, or access a pop-up window that is not relevant to the website that you are searching. Moreover, this attack always takes advantage whenever you are using the older version of the web browser, an application that is not up to date.

This attack automatically hits the victims once you access the download link or view a message that is inappropriate for you. You need to protect yourself from these attacks by avoiding accessing the websites that contain malicious codes. Also, make sure that you don’t leave the web browsers open and it must be up to date so that you must be aware of all the latest security features.

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