Cookies are small pieces of data that a web server automatically sent to your web browser and stored on your device when you visit a website. Our Cookie Policy describes what types of cookies we use, for what purposes we use cookies and other related information.

Different Kinds Of Cookies We Use

We use cookie information to analyze and improve our service. Every time you visit our website “driversandshield.com“, we may send a number of cookie files to your web browser. We use several types of cookies that are listed-below to remember your preferences and enhance our website.


We use session cookies to operate our services and it is immediately deleted from your web browser after the session is over or the web browser is closed.

Preference Cookies

These cookies help to remember information like your preferred language, your region, and various other settings.

Security Cookies

We use Security Cookies for security reasons and to maintain safety from active network attackers.

Advertising Cookies

These types of Cookies are used to serve you with advertisements on the basis of your preferences and interests and to review the performance of these ads.

We Use Cookies for Specific Purposes

When you access our website, cookies are sent to your browser automatically to hold certain information. There are multiple purposes for which we use cookies.

Third-Party Cookies

Third-Party Cookies sent to your web browser from the domain of a third-party website other than the site you are visiting. We may use several third-party cookies in order to report usage statistics of the Service, to remember information about you, deliver advertisements, and more.

Remove Cookies From Your Web Browser

You may remove cookies from your web browser based on your choice. It is to be noted that if you delete the cookies you may not be able to access all the features offered by Drivers and Shield and unable to save your preferences. Also, some of our website pages may not display or load properly if you refuse to accept the cookies.